Java 8 Lambda is Sexy!

Okay, after a long time of wating, Java 8 has finally come out with real essence of functional programming. The core of the functional programming is obviously function. You can now pass a function as a parameter and also return a function. So, no longer you have to pass a… »

Digital World 2014 - Mobile Application Development in Various Platforms

Today I've conducted a session on the Mobile Application Development in Various Platform at Digital World 2014, BICC in Various Platform. I have talked about android there and a lot of eager faces were there to learn about the android ecosystem. Those who are looking for the slides I was… »

Entering to the AWESOME world of Blogging

Yeh, this is the first time I'm writing in public and all the thanks goes to Mazhar Ahmed and Rasel Ahmed. Couple of days ago he told me to start blogging. I've come to know about Ghost platform and you know what? I liked it very much, and with the… »