Google I/O 2016 Keynote Summary #GoogleIO2016

Summary Google I/O 2016 - Keynote

  1. Android N gonna be better than any other version and if you want to keep developing app you have to be good.

  2. We'll build app for google apps like (Allo, Duo) as I guess the'll give your app to hook up with their app.

  3. Android Studio has done a great job. Stealing constraint layout concept from IOS is pretty cool too tongue emoticon.

  4. Machine learning is all over again.

  5. Instant app gonna rock. At last you don't have to download an entire app just to see if it meets your need.

  6. Java 8 will rock obviously with functional programming goodies.

  7. Vulkan is super fast so great opportunity for game devs and other gpu intesive tasks.

  8. Google home gonna listen to you (May be in a bad way It'll hear everything and google will use your data to train their Machine Learning Engine)

  9. It's the high time for starting VR app development

  10. Going with standalone app for Android Wear 2.0 will sell more wearables and user don't have to keep their phone anymore to just use the app in watch.

  11. Spoiler alert those who watch Person of Interest tv series - Google is Samaritan :P

Keep in touch for next #GoogleIO2016 updates. Happy coding :)

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